Dery Piano Service

About us

Déry Piano Service was started by J. Aimé Déry R.P.T. in 1971. While taking an accredited course through the Piano Technicians Guild Inc., he was favoured with coaching from two excellent piano-tuners technicians in Edmonton, Alberta; namely Joe Loewen and Camille Morin.

The same year, J.A. Déry passed the required exams to become a recognized “Crafstman” by P.T.G. Inc. In 1972, Mr. A. Déry prepared a piano tuning and repair course which was administered by the Alberta Tuners Association (A.P.T.T.A.). After P.T.G. Canada was formed in 1979, the course was taken over by J.A. Déry.

In 1983, Mr. Déry became president of P.T.G. Canada, with a mandate to pursue the formation of a truly Canada-wide Association. (At the time, PTG Canada could only operate in the western provinces.) In 1985, at a piano tuner’s convention, in Winnipeg Mr. Déry officially announced that indeed the charter of the Canadian Association of Piano Technician (C.A.P.T) was registered in Ottawa. It is also known in French as L’Association Canadienne des Accordeurs de Piano (A.C.A.P.) This meant, that tuners, from across Canada, could meet and exchange information and ideas. Conventions and seminars are held nationally and locally on a regular basis.

In the fall of 1983, “Unisonus” was born. This is a newsletter written for the tuners to keep informed of the tuner’s activities and to share knowledge. Mr. A. Déry was the creator and the editor for two years, followed by Rick Wiens. Mr. A. Déry served as president for four years and is still active in the Association in one capacity or another.

Throughout his career, Mr. Déry has perfected his skills as a private and seminar instructor, runs the business as a tuner, repairs and rebuilds upright, grand, and player pianos and restores harmoniums. For over 25 years, he has tuned pipe organs in his service area. He is often called upon by individuals, stores, insurance companies, moving companies etc. as a consultant to determine the condition of pianos and the worthiness of purchases or repairs.

He considers it unwise to acquire an older piano without first having it checked for its value by an accredited professional, namely a piano tuner-technician. In many cases he has been privy to sad situations where purchases were made without consultation and the results were a waste of money and heartache. A professional will certainly charge a fee for a consultation, but the expense and the knowledge gained far outweighs the cost of a bad purchase.

J.A. Déry is happy to be of service and finds that his learning skills only get better as he adds to his many years of experience. He plans to be active as long as his creator will let him. He truly is an unseen artist.